Choose the Best Artificial Grass Installation Service in Santa Monica & Los Angeles

Having a subpar backyard in California deprives you and your houseguests of opportunities for year-round fun in the sun. Whether you want to practice putting, let the pets out, host backyard sporting events, or build a playground for the growing kids, a dismal yard will deprive you of any opportunities.

At Waterless Turf, we specialize in the development and execution of artificial grass yards. Waterless Turf has been around since 2005, and with over 30 years of general landscape & design experience, we have become a choice business for custom lawn development.

Why Choose Waterless Turf?

Partnering with Waterless Turf is beneficial in several aspects. As the name suggests, our products help reduce your water usage, which lowers your monthly maintenance bills, as well as reducing your impact on the environment. During our design consultation, we will also provide a water savings analysis, so that you know exactly how much this investment will save you over the long haul.

Waterless Turf also provides high-quality turf, and with over 20 styles to choose from, your artificial turf will be the most realistic looking lawn all year long. Our artificial turf is equipped with worry-free maintenance, meaning that you achieve an attractive design while conserving water and time!

We hope that if you’re considering implementing artificial turf into your property’s landscape, that you consider (and choose) Waterless Turf to get the job done effectively and efficiently. Be sure to contact us using the form below to discuss questions or consultations with our company!