Choose the Best Putting Green Turf Installation Service in Santa Monica & Greater Los Angeles

Having a subpar or non-existent backyard in Santa Monica, California deprives you of year-round entertainment for you and the guests of your home. Because California is known for being a climate where outdoor activities are enjoyed during all four seasons, having a lackluster yard will provide no benefits to the enjoyability and property value of your home.

At Waterless Turf, we specialize in the creation, development, and implementation of artificial grass yards and landscapes. While the company has been around since 2005, our staff has over 30 years of outside landscape & design experience. This has allowed us to become a choice business for custom lawn development, especially in the putting green market.

Why Choose Us For Your Project?

Partnering with our company is beneficial to you and your property in several aspects. As our company’s name evokes, the products offered here at Waterless Turf help reduce your water usage, helping to lower your monthly maintenance bills and reduce your impact on our overall environment. We will provide a water savings analysis during our consultation meeting, in which you will learn more about how much an investment like this will save you over time.

We also provide many options for the types of turf you want to implement into your yard. With over 20 styles and variations to choose from, your yard and putting green will surely be the most gorgeous in the neighborhood no matter the season. You can even implement multiple grass sizes and types throughout the putting area, to mimic the rough along the edges of the green, and deeper areas to even practice your chip shots.

Our artificial turf is equipped with worry-free maintenance, which means that you will achieve this attractive and long-lasting design while conserving precious water and time!

We hope that if you are considering implementing a putting green surface into your property’s yard, that you consider and choose Waterless Turf to get the job done in a prompt and effective manner. Be sure to contact us through the form below to discuss questions or consultations with our company!