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Watermiser Design

WaterWise Solutions

Want to save up to 80% or More off your water consumption?  Our patented WaterWise Landscape design utilizes low water usage sprinklers, Smart Timer Controllers and more!

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Reasons to Choose Waterless Turf?

  • Our founder and President, Vic Watterson, has been in the Landscape and Design business for over 30 years and Turf business for 10 years and is a licensed Landscape Contractor
  • We only install Waterless Turf (Tiger Turf Brand) due to its unique durability and superior blade design and construction as well as the most realist colors and textures available. We have become the foremost authority on turf product recommendation and implementation in the region
  • We are the most versatile resource for artificial turf/grass in the Greater Los Angeles, San Fernando & Conejo Valleys, and Orange County Area