4 Advantages of a Turf Landscape

4 Advantages of a Turf Landscape

If you’re looking for the perfect summer project to take up this upcoming season, consider increasing the value of your Santa Monica, CA home by installing artificial grass landscaping! A residential turf landscape from Waterless Turf is great for California area homes and properties as it focuses entirely on sustainability without sacrificing aesthetics. Discover just a few benefits of investing in maintenance-free, high-quality, and affordable artificial grass landscaping, and reach out to Waterless Turf today to get started!

Upgrade Your Property While Helping the Environment


Decreases Your Overall Water Usage

One of the major factors for taking care of a traditional Santa Monica, CA home lawn is watering and ensuring the grass is well-hydrated. But instead of using excessive amounts of water, you can install artificial grass landscaping with Waterless Turf that includes low sprinkler usage and a deep irrigation design. In short, this translates to you using 60 to 80 percent less water during the harsh California summer droughts.


Boosts Beauty & Curb Appeal

When you have a traditional grass lawn or backyard surrounding your California home, you either need to take care of all the maintenance by yourself or hire a professional gardener. From weekly mowing to getting rid of debris and weeds, to ensuring it always stays lush and green, real grass can be a huge hassle to take care of. Artificial grass landscaping, however, allows you to essentially have an evergreen lawn that is perpetually beautiful with very little maintenance required. Learn more about the installation process by contacting Waterless Turf today!


Safe For Family & Pet Recreation

At Waterless Turf, we often get questions about artificial grass landscaping and if it is a safe option for homeowners to have around their property. The high-quality materials we use to install your artificial grass landscaping are made from the highest grade polyethylene and come in a diverse color blend for optimal strength and durability. When you add turf to your Santa Monica property, you can rest assured knowing it will allow you to have a safe, beautiful, and comfortable spot to spend time outside.


Eliminates Allergies

Especially during the spring and summer, it’s common for individuals to experience allergy problems due to all the pollen and dust in the air. That being said, Waterless Turf can eliminate this issue for you when you’re inside and outside your home with our artificial grass landscaping; due to this type of turf being essentially “fake” grass, you won’t have to worry about your allergies flaring up when you’re trying to enjoy the warm weather.

Discover all the different advantages of adding artificial grass landscaping to the area around your home and trust Waterless Turf to help you install it properly! Get in touch with us today!