4 Creative Areas to Use Turf

4 Creative Areas to Use Turf

Artificial turf can be a great tool to utilize in a variety of places around your home or business. The lack of need for constant upkeep and maintenance makes it preferable to grass. Learn more about creative spaces where you can utilize turf below. If you are looking to install artificial grass in the Santa Monica area, Waterless Turf is the best option for you. We encourage you to reach out for an estimate regarding your turf installation!

lacrosse pole

Sports Fields

Regular lawns run the risk of developing ruts, divots, or other problems, especially after rain or other inclement weather. With artificial turf, this risk is reduced. You can experience a level playing field at all times and reduce the chance that someone will get harmed while having fun outdoors.

beautifully landscaped lawn

Home Lawns

It may seem like the obvious option, but you can greatly increase the appeal of your front or back lawn by creatively implementing areas featuring turf. Not everyone has a large space to deal with when it comes to their yard. But, our team can customize a perfect piece of artificial lawn that works for you.

artificial putting green closeup

Artificial Putting Greens

Are you a fan of golf? Our fake grass can provide you with your own personal putting green. You won’t have to worry about changes in terrain that can affect your game. You’ll have your own area to kick back and practice your putting on artificial turf.

installing artificial turf next to pool

Pool Areas

With traditional lawns, you run the risk of introducing dirt and grass into your pool. With artificial turf, you don’t have to worry about this problem. You don’t even need to mow it! Your water will stay clear at all times of the year.

Artificial turf can be utilized in a number of ways that can provide you with numerous benefits. Contact the experienced team at Waterless Turf in Santa Monica for more information and to schedule installation services today!

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