Improving Your Putting Green

Very few areas of grass receive more consistent stress than a putting green. That is why our artificial grass solutions are made to withstand even the harshest of weather and activity while still retaining their natural look. At Waterless Turf, we are eager to make your putting green stand out and improve the joy of the game and mood of the players. Our artificial turf can make your field look TV ready.

We are currently servicing residential customers and golfing establishments in Orange, San Fernando, Ventura, Conejo, San Bernadino, Riverside, and Los Angeles, CA.

The Waterless Turf community understands completely how golfing establishments are very busy, and would rather not waste time and money maintaining a real grass field. They know you’d have to pay servicemen to fertilize and cut it, subsequently making that area prohibited for players for a significant amount of time, and that makes customer satisfaction go down for your establishment.

Avoid all of those issues without sacrificing the look and feel of your course by eliciting our putting green service. We can install artificial synthetic grass that is gorgeous, and does not require regular maintenance, all at the most convenient price possible.

And, if you are an avid golf fan, what could be better than to have a professional installation of a first-class putting green at your home? Waterless Turf has a large number of designs for a putting green that can be shaped to fit any area in your yard.