What Sports Can You Use Sports Turf For?

Waterless Turf knows that sports enthusiasts and families alike are always looking for ways to enjoy their favorite activities while maintaining a beautiful, low-maintenance outdoor space. Our beautiful and functional sports turf installations offer the perfect solution for various sports, allowing you to get your game on without causing damage to your lawn. So, are you ready to transform your lawn into a versatile sports haven? Let's dive in!

golfer putting ball

Putting Practice

One of the most popular uses for sports turf is creating a backyard putting green. With Waterless Turf's high-quality artificial grass, you can enjoy year-round training and improve your golf game without leaving the comfort of your home. Our sports turf provides a realistic playing surface that requires virtually zero maintenance, allowing you to focus on perfecting your putt rather than tending to your lawn.

foot on soccer ball


Transform your backyard into a soccer field with our durable sports turf. Our artificial grass is designed to withstand the wear and tear of cleats and constant activity, ensuring a pristine playing surface for your soccer matches. With Waterless Turf, you can enjoy impromptu games and practice sessions without worrying about damaging your lawn or dealing with muddy patches.

football player diving


Whether you're playing touch or flag football, our sports turf provides the ideal surface for all your gridiron activities. The maintenance-free nature of our artificial grass means you can focus on honing your skills and enjoying the game without the hassle of traditional lawn upkeep. Plus, our sports turf is designed to handle the toughest tackles without causing damage to the playing surface.

badminton racket and birdies


Our sports turf is perfect for setting up a backyard badminton court. The even, flat surface ensures consistent play and eliminates the risk of uneven grass or divots that could impact your game. Enjoy a fun, low-impact sport with friends and family on your Waterless Turf-installed lawn, knowing it'll stay beautiful and maintenance-free.

Ready to elevate your sports experience with a versatile, low-maintenance sports turf installation? Contact Waterless Turf today to speak to an expert and learn more about our artificial grass solutions tailored to your specific needs!

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